What is GEM?

GEM is a modern Esoteric Work School that is based on the natural human potential for awakening to freedom, aside from the limits of any tradition.

As a non-dogmatic, non-sectarian spiritual school, GEM has made valuable teachings available in an open-system format since the early 1970s.

These teachings include esoteric work and principles found at the Heart of the spiritual traditions of humanity, and builds upon them to produce easily accessible, modern formats.


In the energetic work of various Tantric systems we come across work with the Subtle Body. Just as the Physical Body could be thought of as being made up of various substances, tissues, organs, vessels, and nerves, etc. the Subtle Body is composed of energies, condensations, channels, and energy centers known as chakras.  These chakras can be thought of as the organs of the Subtle Body, which perform various key functions and are linked together with each other by the various channels, condensations, and energy flows make up a system much like the physical body…